Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes performs onstage

Let me start off with how much it bothers me when someone jumps up on stage at a concert. We all paid a lot of money to be at the show. Quit trying to make it about you. So when some guy jumped up on the Black Crowes stage at a concert last weekend in Melbourne, Australia, I don’t feel bad about what happened. And it really looked like it hurt.

In the video (which, by the way, is NSFW), you see the guy jump up from the front row and run by Chris Robinson. Security was trying to stop him. That’s when he tossed one security guard into the crowd. The remaining security chased him to the corner of the stage.

Rather than go quietly, he chose to continue the fight. As the stage crasher tried his best hockey fight move, pulling the security guard’s shirt over his head, the band stepped in. That’s when  lead guitarist, Rich Robinson, took off his guitar and speared the guy in the neck.

Chris Robinson came rushing in with backup ready to bash the dude with the microphone stand but security had already pushed him back into the crowd.  I’m guessing a guitar to the neck was too “Hard To Handle.” (I had to). The band collected themselves and restarted the song “Stare It Cold.” Probably rocked even harder with all that extra adrenaline.

The lesson: The people in the crowd came to see a Black Crowes concert. Not to see you, my dude. A band performing on stage should never have to think of how they’re going to protect themselves from drunken idiots. But I must say, taking off your guitar and using it as a club was some quick thinking.

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