Some people seem to have a four-leafed clover crammed directly where the sun doesn’t shine. For example, this person. A guest at Caesars Palace here in Las Vegas was playing Triple Play Draw Poker when they hit a video poker jackpot worth just over $100,000!

Holy cow! What a huge win! Time to back away from the machine and call your friends! Tell them all about your good fortune! Unless you’re this person. They stayed at it.

15 minutes later, it happened again. Another jackpot worth just over $100,000!

WOW! That is incredible! But… let’s give this picture a closer look and figure out exactly what is going on here.

After a closer inspection, this isn’t some run of the mill, max bet on a $0.25 machine better. This person was playing at the $25 level. Probably at a max bet (which is $125). And it is Triple Play, so they are playing three hands at a time. That means this person was likely playing $375 per hand! Wow. Just wow.

If you do the math and say, conservatively, they play 3 hands a minute, that means in between jackpot 1 and jackpot 2, there were 45 hands played. Which means nearly $17,000 would have been wagered between hands! WHOA! Some people are just living better, richer lives than we are. The “Gambling Problem?” in the tweet made us laugh a little.

Chance are you’ve given video poker a go and you’re on the quest for your first Royal Flush. It is, after all, a right of passage. has a list of tips for maximizing your winnings.

Video Poker tips

  1. Know Your Pay Tables – how much does hitting each premium hand pay?
  2. Play Max Coins – It might say $0.25, but you should really be playing max bet, or $1.25 a hand.
  3. Low Pairs > High Card – don’t play the K if you have a pair of 4’s. Sure, the pair of 4’s don’t pay, but trips will pay you more than a pair of Kings any day and, in time, you’ll perform better going for the bigger win.
  4. Go For The Royal – If you have four cards suited, and three of them could be used for a Royal Flush, don’t go for the lesser flush and aim for the stars. If you hit, you’ll be glad you did.

They have a bunch of other good tips as well, so check out their article. Just know that if you have enough for $375 a hand, we are all very envious.

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