Jimmy Page famously bought Boleskine House, which was formally owned by Aleister Crowley, back in 1971. Now, the “haunted” manor is opening for tours.

Per Boleskin House’s website, self-guided tours will begin on May 23. Tickets for the tours start at £6 ($7.46 USD.) The website further notes, “All guests must agree and comply with our House Rules and have confirmed they have understood our Health and Safety message. The Boleskine House estate is under 24-hour CCTV, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for unpermitted entry.”

Page is a well-known fan of the famed occultist Crowley. Before purchasing the Scottish manor, Page had Crowley’s phrase “Do what thou wilt” printed on the inner ring of Led Zeppelin III. Page eventually sold the property in 1992.

A number of tragic events reportedly took place on the land where Boleskine House stands. Before the manor was completed in the 1760s, the land was the reported site of a church and graveyard. This church caught fire during a service and killed everyone inside. Additionally, there have been reported suicides that happened at the manor following the property being owned by Crowley.


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