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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about OJ Simpson passes away, Bronco chase was 30 years ago, things that happened in spring of 1994, encouragement when you fail can still help, couple dot into D&D during COVID now he doesn’t want to help with chores, skier died performing high-risk jump across highway, old woman and her dog attacked by big raccoon, hands-free driving, Kia thefts continue, owner of bakery lost a diamond in her cookie dough, library gave away faulty eclipse glasses, teacher kept promise from 70s to watch eclipse with them in 2024, cat rescued from chimney, update on Shohei Ohtani scandal, wrestler turned down money to throw a match they ended up losing, Rasheed Rice not facing punishment for weed in car, Kourtney Kardashian drank breast milk for good health, Bon Jovi once partied with Michael Jackson and his monkey Bubbles, Channing Tatum and ex Jenna Dewan fighting over Magic Mike earnings, Netflix’s most unhinged show yet: Unlocked, next live action TMNT movie, new Scary Movie in the works, Madonna hates air conditioning and had it turned off during Miami show, old woman shot and killed home intruder, chiropractor killed Elvis impersonator after gay sex, old man accidentally turns off car in drive, tow truck driver tried to tow away car at traffic light, taking a fart walk after dinner, top sexual fantasies in the USA, Canadian burglar breaks-in and leaves poop in toilet, Ask Dave & Chuck The Freak, drunk wife admits dead ex husband is love of her life, wife wants to know what happens in husband’s therapy sessions, mom wants son to set her up with his neighbor, man poops during sex after eating cheese, SUV crashes into dispensary, woman found AirTag in son’s shoe and thought he was being tracked, man finds out he won lotto when wife goes shopping, woman holds up shoe during council meeting, Tax Day, grocery shopping on empty stomach, Costco selling a lot of gold, and more!

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