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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about Albanian news anchors don’t wear bras, man on Australian news network talking about dog attack, ways you can tell if someone is a closet stoner, more 4/20 and weed facts, restaurant chains that have filed for bankruptcy, cobbler runs illegal gambling ring to raise money for mafia, tow truck driver shot at when he tried to repossess car, airplane near miss at airport, man drove 108mph to get to his girlfriend, fast food manager saves life of a baby who stopped breathing in the drive-thru line, man saves neighbors from burning building, humanoid robot is terrifying, why canned wine sometimes smells like farts, scientists discover bees can survive for a week under water, largest reptile may have been size of a blue whale, cat keeps bringing trash into house through pet door, NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, reporter’s awkward encounter with Caitlin Clark, Bill to ban TikTok nationwide, kids passing out while doing the Blackout Challenge on TikTok, mother and daughter sentenced for involuntary manslaughter for lethal butt injection, Prince Harry officially American resident, update on musical based on guy who took flight with balloons tied to his chair, reports that Andy Cohen was leaving Bravo are false, Eminem wanted Macauley Culkin to play obsessed fan in Stan video, Black Hole Sun pushed up the Billboard chart by eclipse, shooting suspect cracks beer in front of police, woman caught carrying 56lbs of weed in her luggage, corrections officer arrested for banging inmate, man’s wallet saved him from gunman’s bullet, woman accidentally added picture of Miley Cyrus into her resume, are you a black man living with a tiny penis?, more people admit to using sex toys now than ever, invited singing telegram to 16-year-old son’s birthday party, buddy asked his stripper girlfriend to dance at his party, neighbor asked if he could weed their side of fence now he’s always there, being shunned by family over joke about sister’s 4th marriage, never got laid, man jerking in front of hotel window, woman attacks her kid’s bus driver, dads nearly crushed by falling tree while sitting at fire pit, fiberoptic cable gets cut causing 911 outage for hours, biggest regrets people have, new Dr. Pepper flavor Tropical Coconut, teaching rats to drive tiny cars makes them less stressed, suspects in largest Canadian gold heist released with promise to appear in court, and more!

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