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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about an update on the little crossing guard who was arrested, teen left parents behind on tropical island to get back to cruise ship, ATM repair tech stabs thieves, woman naked on roof of SUV on freeway, live mock shooting that students knew nothing about, Office Depot delivery person caught on cam pushing customer, woman stepped in quicksand on beach, storms in Texas, Chipotle camera TikTok challenge put to the test, metal detector helps guy find his lost wedding ring on the beach, NBA and NHL finals, Lakers offered deal to coach, Shohei Ohtani interpreter now working for Uber Eats, lady that Baby Reindeer was based on now suing Netflix, Michigan Central Train Station reopened, new Bad Boys movie, Suits possible reunion and reboot, Vanna White talks about Pat Sajak before his final show, colon exploded after old man coughed and sneezed at the same time, fight at a restaurant ends in pistol whipping, mice fell from ceiling in a restaurant, man found acting strange on floor of McDonald’s, when did drugs do you dirty?, shoppers step in to stop potential burglary, guy saw his ex on PornHub, wondering if a guy hit on him while walking the dog, rented out part of his house to a co-worker, van nearly crashes off bridge, Challenger Hell Cat driver causing issues with loud car in Seattle, missing AirPod helped track down a hit and run driver, budget airlines are in danger of going bankrupt, Cher’s Ferrari up for auction, fan claims to have done the first bong rip in the Las Vegas Sphere, people being asked to wipe down public bikes in Toronto after riding them nude, and more!

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