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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about who would win in a fight a 70-year old or a 13-year old?, shipping something to the wrong person, CEO of Kellogg’s recommends cereal for dinner, ice cream laced with THC, Adam Sandler and Dave love Curly Wurlys, Honey Mustard Pringles are coming back, IHOP and Lay’s teaming up for new potato chip, gourmet or comfort food?, road rage epidemic, money stolen from Las Vegas hotel room, couple robbed by person staying in their house, 1st grade teacher arrested for intoxication, first picture of humpback whales getting it on involves two males, man delivers own baby on side of the road, K-Pod chaos, trying to do something nice for someone, Jerry Jones has to take paternity test, soccer popularity growing in U.S., Phillies put dollar dog night on hold, Drew Barrymore doesn’t wear underwear, Oprah and Weight Watchers, Bradley Cooper loves being nude, Coyote vs ACME movie isn’t happening, Hot Or Not?, man pepper sprays employee at dry cleaners, McDonald’s employee saves man kidnapped by woman, high school student injured in sword duel, Mocha Blast, were you romance scammed?, German Dog is the Douchebag Of The Day, Ask Dave & Chuck, kids walking to school find human arm, large amount of money found in apartment fire, don’t veer for deer, sound recovered from tragic sub, luxury dispensaries, regional slang terms, woman in labor gets married before giving birth, rampaging killer elephants in Thailand, and more!

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