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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the most misunderstood sayings around the country, woman’s car caught fire and brake down while driving to work, man gets pulled over and gets revenge for ticket by burning cop’s dad’s house down, cop saved unconscious boater, teen’s death after eating one chip challenge confirmed by autopsy, elderly Walmart greeter was punched in the head, woman tries to walk out of store with cash register, the luckiest day of the year is May 18th, Nerd News, ChatGPT voice sounds like Scarlett Johansson, family has cougar encounter in backyard, Jason couldn’t sleep, Scotty Scheffler gets detained by police due to traffic issue, NBA and NHL playoffs, Netflix to carry NFL games, Caitlin Clark, NCAA Football video game release date, country music star and Chickenfry GF nearly died, marriage counseling for Ben Affleck and J. Lo, another I Know What You Did Last Summer may be in the works, Meryl Streep’s favorite love scene, chaos at Bluey event, man pulled gun on bartender who tried to close, woman put peeper in headlock until cops arrived, daycare workers sprinkled melatonin on kids’ food, woman fighting to keep her emotional support goose, billionaire demands a painting of her be removed from gallery, men are more likely to be friends if they don’t share the same taste in women, restaurant etiquette, big woman breaks into house and makes herself at home, can’t bring herself to tell her boyfriend she has herpes, should he let woman he met in Peru come and stay with him?, laughed at girlfriend’s family for believing in ghosts and thinks he pissed off the ghosts, man was found living in a hole with sheep for 26 years, man robbed of his fancy watch, restaurant staff use ferns pissed on by dogs to spruce up their food, tiny taco stand gets a Michelin star, pierogi with pastrami, college girl has IBS and tries DIY poop transplants, and more!

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