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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about school lunches as kids, someone bought 8-cents worth of a carrot, chocolate chip ice cream becoming obsolete, most Americans love ice cream, man attends Zoom court appearance for suspended license while driving, plane makes emergency water landing, flight aborts takeoff at last moment, Applebee’s bans family after kid wets himself in the restaurant, Ghost poop is trending, Mayor in New Jersey city apologizes to Jason Kelce and wife, charges dropped against Scottie Scheffler, NBA and NHL playoffs, Jennifer Lopez Vegas residency may be pulled after tour and album flops, Graceland foreclosure was a Nigerian scam, guy gets nude on Transformers statue, Lenny Kravitz says he has not had sex in 9 years, Deadpool & Wolverine popcorn bucket made to look like sex toy, teacher accused of filming porn in classroom, cop resigns after getting locked in the back of the car when he went back there to bang, couple busted banging on the beach, man robbed Waffle House then hid inside the red roof of a Red Roof Inn, man attacks his 61-year-old roommate with baseball bat and a sword, man accused of threatening to stab someone with machete, should women be allowed to go topless at the water park?, mom shares that dad was not kids father—should he tell his siblings?, dad marrying his mistress and wants son as best man, friends with couple saw nude guy’s computer, date introduces him as a friend, feet pics online, man bit by black widow while gardening, woman sues after being injured on Disney water slide, man freaked out on plane and got naked, camera and battery pack found in bushes outside of home, 1/5 cars is totaled after an accident, woman with itchy hand bought lotto ticket and won $30K, man’s wallet returned 30 years later, grocery store owner says he will pay if anyone gets sick from his store, and more!

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