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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about Tax Day, delivery driver got jumped but still made the delivery, listener made the final cut for Planter’s NUTmobile driver, Pringles and Crocs team up for new product, 12-year-old robs McDonald’s, wrong way driver on freeway, man hit wife because she wouldn’t let him drive the car, school cop hung gun in staff bathroom and it shot it by mistake, dogs being used to help solve rat problem, chunk of metal fell from sky and smashed into house, guy stole $3K worth of cigarettes, shift toward 4-day work week, fat cat, woman won lotto prize same day tarot cards said she would come into money, Jim Nance’s slip at The Masters, Conor McGregor officially returning to UFC, OJ Simpson’s brain, Messi’s body guard tackled fan while ball was in play, NBA play-in tournament, women’s controversial Olympic uniforms, rapper almost shot himself while filming music video, John Wayne Bobbitt loses all of his toes, world’s oldest conjoined twins die at 62, man shoved 3 things into his penis, man steals vibrators from sex shop and tries to sell them on Facebook Marketplace, substitute teacher caught banging student, healthcare provider ran home and fell asleep with needles still in patient, 94-year-old DJ at nursing home, dangers of using ED meds without needing it, man arrested for assaulting retail employee with Pop Tarts, man killed by swinging church bell, man asked doctor to remove some fingers because he felt like they didn’t belong on his body, buddy donates kidney to friend, old tennis instructor, stinky players at gaming convention, 40% of adults still sleep with stuffed animals, man tried to rescue his dog from icy lake and falls in, teen posed as principal in fax announcing resignation, remote control aerial target from Cold War found on beach, shopping cart bandits, airline passenger gets extorted for a tip, airline launched just to fly dogs, how shopping makes you need to poop, guy ate fried chicken while driving and crashed, and more!

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