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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about Dave still packing for his move, phone alarms you hate, porch pirates fighting each other for packages, man returns home after having gone missing for10 days in mountains, passengers from plane that came within 500 feet from ground speak to the news, plane’s pressurization equipment malfunctions, cyber attack on car dealerships, woman bought lifetime warranties and kept her car running for free for 500K miles, NHL finals, Oilers fan who flashed at game signed deal with Playboy, fan threw phone at Jrue Holiday and he recorded himself and threw it back, Bill Belichick’s new GF is into old rich guys, Justin Timberlake speaks for first time after DUI arrest, weekend box office numbers, Vana White may be leaving Wheel Of Fortune because of Ryan Seacrest, unauthorized streaming service busted, Dave Grohl talks trash about Taylor Swift on stage at Foo Fighters show, Universal Music will offer AI voice models to their artists, woman got nude for the Google Street View car, man let it all fly in the back of a police car, politician chases stripper with a gun after disagreement, guy chases burglar out of his home with a frying pan, elephant pulled old woman on safari out of car and killed her, fat beach day trend, adult star looking for love, people thought they saw a floating corpse but it was a guy cooling off and napping, wife of guy electrocuted by jacuzzi speaks to the news, kid found after going missing in the woods, most unhealthy snacks, fast food value wars, guy robs a dude after a car falls on him, Rolex robbery leads to police chase in Los Angeles, San Francisco home for sale but can’t move in until 2053, Finland is happiest place on earth, corn snakes in bathtub, donation box had snake inside, guy tries to break the ice with women by getting his pee on them, and more!

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