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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about Dave & Chuck’s trip to Florida, Amazon delivery guy made delivery while house burned down, CDC kept passengers on plane saying they were exposed to a virus, passenger gets ass kicked by Spirit Airlines employees, apartment tower with broken elevator, guy lit smoke next to propane cylinders causing explosion, man retires after driving a school bus for 70 years, NBA and NHL playoffs, NBA and NHL playoffs, Tyson/Paul fight had to be postponed, Kevin James will play Jon Daly in TV show, Jennifer Lopez cancelled entire summer tour, Harry Potter nudist event, Angelina Jolie kid having Pitt name removed from surname, rapper’s lyrics lead to arrest in mail theft case, box office numbers are way down, hackers breach Ticketmaster data, Taylor Momsen bit by a bat while performing on stage, Madonna fan suing because shows are too sexy, flight attendant busted with gold in her butt, man shot himself in the ass at sports center, thief tried to steal a truck of booze outside of a bar, missing bird returned to owner, woman gave birth in Golden Corral bathroom, why is your man unmanly?, man stole 17 tubes of Pringles and sings jingle, bear chased woman and her dog down driveway, real estate agents dealing with stalkers, postal workers who have been attacked by dogs, medication to effect male fertility, store owner lets loose on shoplifter, woman is cheese rolling champ again, Loch Ness Monster hunt, someone planted weed in state capital garden, flight diverted because of unruly passengers, man saved from truck after being submerged in a ditch, magnet fishers find safe with $100K but money was ruined, otter stealing surf boards, penis costumes get banned from town in Spain, man seen on camera returning wallet, man in Maserati steals bananas from fruit stand, and more!

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