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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about desserts we pronounce wrong, controversial food opinions, pregnant woman accused of killing boyfriend, person climbed power cable tower for selfie and got electrocuted, more people detained in Turks & Caicos for bringing ammo in luggage, controls ripped out of carnival rides, gators wandering into public places, Memorial Day weekend travel predictions, latest Blue Origin launch, father/son co-pilot team celebrated final flight together, NBA and NHL playoffs, Scottie Scheffler arrested, football documentaries in the works, NFL considered Taylor Swift’s tour when making schedule, Paige Spiranac offered money to show her nipples, video of Diddy abusing Cassie, latest on Ben Affleck and J. Lo, guy who punched Steve Buscemi arrested, Melissa Joan Hart says she was first person to take Britney Spears to a club, Ashley Madison documentary, Jeff Daniels’ agents said the pooping scene in Dumb & Dumber would ruin his career, trigger warning before Goodfellas, weekend box office numbers, Wizards of Baking Harry Potter baking show, German politician licking toilet, grandma touched Goofy’s ass at Disneyland, girls went parasailing were lowered into shark infested water, woman hit slot machine jackpot and attendant said it was an error, hooker who had sex with at least 211 people finds out she has HIV, farm mom joining her daughter to work in brothel together, old woman drove into Sarnia Bay, Dave’s bad luck with Uber driver’s body odor, nail salon owner accused of working with North Korea, guys steal cases of beer, deranged lady leads cops on chase, guy tried to get woman to pull over, fear of people’s opinions, little libraries with VHS tapes, naked man runs through traffic and gets hit by a car, woman wiggles poop out of her shorts, man disrupts grad party with a machete, canned food falling from the sky, woman found metal wire in her Panda Express, grandson takes his 96-year-old grandma for flight, man caught banging a pink Tesla car,  and more!

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