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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about Al got married, Dave’s wild weekend, man reached under woman’s skirt on a flight, naked man found in someone’s home, squatters break into house and steal car, bus driver attacked by homeless woman, woman woke up to a rat in her bathroom, Apple Watch alerted woman to her heart condition, chiropractor who works with animals, rogue peacock, woman plays lotto for the first time and wins $50K, Dave’s super clumsy accidents lately, NBA and NHL playoffs, Kentucky Derby had closest finish since 1996, watching sports can help boost mental health, Tom Brady Roast on Netflix, Britney Spears says cops were called to hotel because she slipped and hurt her ankle, Fall Guy opening weekend, Emily Blunt talks about kissing actors that made her want to throw up, actress wanted to bang Henry Cavill until she learned how nerdy he was, Giancarlo Esposito will join MCU, The Rock sent a heartfelt video to a middle school, gator near elementary school, bulldog with anxiety issues, woman trolls online scammers and guys who DM her unsolicited pics, Vice Principal suspended after being discovered in a porno, what’s the worst thing that has happened to your b-hole?, woman runs husband over with a car after argument and kills him, woman shot her boyfriend after argument, school on lockdown after parent’s Bigfoot prank, 3-year-old lost in the woods overnight, man who has eaten pizza every day for 6 years, Taco Bell testing chicken nuggets, someone took bite of uncooked bacon at store, Millennials raise more chickens, national beverages and top cocktails in every state, old person crashed into restaurant, man runs down bystander with car after complaint, storm chaser saves family live on YouTube, making clothing out of human hair, why cold beer tastes better, most people find E.T. scary, Madonna ended her career with a free show, guys in Asia snacking on armpit rice balls,  and more!

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