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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about road trip nightmares, woman scammed by someone claiming to be Aaron Rodgers, cop was looking up license plate info for his own reasons, drunk or old?: man crashes car, drunk tour boat captain, elderly or handicapped: car crashes into building right next to handicap parking, girl banned from her prom for poisoning teacher with corn chips, Jontay Porter banned from NBA for life, Caitlin Clark, Jason Kelce loses Super Bowl ring, Larry David’s mom wrote to the newspaper about him as a boy, fake trailer for James Bond movie, guy tries to fly by taping balloons to a chair, Keanu Reeves will be Shadow in Sonic 3, missing kid on set of Law & Order, James Hetfield gets tattoo with Lemmy’s ashes in ink, polyamorous couple, meth user calls cops to report bad drug dealer, perv caught looking up woman’s skirt in Target, old man tried to beat a train, things cheaters are less likely to cheat on than their partner, what do women like about receiving oral, woman says a friend threw a ball of fire into her house, cops pull over 8-year-old driving with mom in backseat passed out, 13-year-old caught driving muscle car in middle of the night, technical error caused roll up the rim false wins, are roller coasters getting too big and too fast?, things left behind in Ubers, restaurant will give you free bottle of wine if you lock up your phone, McDonald’s customer stabbed worker, woman received empty Big Mac box in her McDonald’s order, turkey crashed into man’s SUV on highway, snake on a train, man stops running suspect and goes back to enjoying his tea, Chinese train station looks like a Maxi Pad, and more!

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