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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about Pizza Hut’s new hold music, how McDonald’s prepares its onions, Red Lobster’s endless lobster, National Margarita Day, National Chili Day, waitress fired after getting $10,000 tip, woman buys scammers Applebee’s gift cards instead of Apple gift cards, blown back by beer at brewery, Mars simulator looking for subjects, MLB’s horrible new Fanatic jerseys, odds to win the World Series, how much Travis Kelce spend on Taylor Swift for Valentine’s Day, Rust movie lawsuit update, Wendy Williams’ family speaks out, actor Anthony Ramos is a secret Prince, Wolfman sues Paramount, Christina Aguilera and Airbnb collab, man arrested for stealing bacon and ammo from Walmart, man busted with rocket launcher in his car, Red Roof Inn is a hot bed for arrests, homeless man sets Carl Jr manager’s car on fire, 16-figure haul stolen from home, driver hits tree while getting road head, parents name daughter Harlot, have you ever busted a perv?, woman drives into Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, cop drives into Tennessee River with arrestee in back of patrol car, people are picking sports betting over sex, fired British Navy sailor wins sex tape contest, female truck driver arrested in Ohio with more than 600 warrants, man arrested driving with ski mask and firearm, leg found on subway, people aren’t going to the gym because of Ozempic, all the different words for drunk in the English language, Indian man steals Labrador then gets put in dog’s kennel for 5 hours, and more!

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