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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about birthdays at Burger King, The Legend Of Dick Granola, road rage shooter, person dies after allergic reaction at the Happiest Place On Earth, football players bully teammate with peanut allergy, Leap Year, technology saves stick bug, NFL satisfaction survey, swim race winner disqualified, RIP Richard Lewis, Tish Cyrus allegedly steals daughter’s man, who is Rebecca Ferguson talking about?, so many Skarsgards, Beyoncé’s new song rips off a popular children’s show theme song, Justin Timberlake teases more NSYNC, J. Lo’s movie almost had some big cameos, nude fight at a beach, robber has hand in Hostess box, Rolex robbers, the new Tinder Swindler, trust no one help no one stories, listening to Dave & Chuck The Freak saves woman’s life, hooker gone wrong turns deadly, more prison guards getting it on with inmates, adult temper tantrum at Burger King, plane problems, giving people cash as a gift, things Amazon won’t let you return, car in water honks horn to be located, livid woman upset with Dairy Queen, Stanley Cup saves woman’s life, wrinkled jeans, sound baths, what an Indian bodybuilder ate to try to get bigger, and more!

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