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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about different nationalities making different sounds, life in 1924, friends with benefits, age gaps in dating, a raid at the wrong location, passenger on flight bites another passenger, sounds fish make while banging, being nude in the locker room, naked tuna, Jason Kelce’s biggest fan, James Bond charged with trespassing, Kanye West’s new teeth, human head found in deep freezer, guy got 5 women pregnant the same time, Kentucky incest legislation, the new big sex trend for men, naked neighbors, men are proven to be better drivers than women, unfortunate work e-mail addresses, strange workouts, Applebee’s Date Night Pass, Costco hot dogs, the toy that cleans your house, the old man who died doing what he loves, police officer saves drowning girl, 6 hour traffic delay in Houston, new laws in Las Vegas, bank rage, and more!

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