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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about underrated skills everyone should learn, road rage shooting over a guy changing lanes, another chiropractor busted with a hidden camera in bathroom, delivery person stole scooter while making delivery, ding dong ditches in Florida, camels escape from Cedar Point petting zoo, guys out fishing find 38 dogs swimming, 97-year-old woman graduates high school, NBA finals, Jerry West died, Tom Brady Patriots number retired, Reds fan jumps on field and gets tased, eating contest on Netflix with Joey Chestnut, Taylor Swift had to wipe snot off her nose on stage, Jude Law wore blood and feces perfume to play Henry VIII, Flavor Flav officially teams with Red Lobster, Spermageddon movie, most popular artists to have sex to, man tried to run over manager of Walgreens, guy jumps into truck Ducks Of Hazard style, man tries to shoot his dad, woman caught stealing frozen shrimp from Walmart, magician who showed how to pass cash gets banned from magic club, man spent a lot of money through employer’s Amazon account buying band equipment, luxury condoms, popular Chinese waterfall is coming from a pipe, Jason’s Dukes Of Subaru, couple electrocuted in hot tub, deer jumps in front of bus, guy busted pretending to scan at self-checkout, bird watcher was nearby when guy needed help, liver transplanted from a guy over 90, man shoots neighbor over fallen tree limb, man forgot to take ex off as beneficiary, car features, puppy rescued from floor vent, woman nearly sold Jackie Robinson bat at garage sale, most men are uncomfortable talking about when they are sick, Martha’s Vineyard running out of weed, Ramen that was so spicy it was banned in Denmark, Russian Popeye injects his arms to look strong, and more!

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