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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about Lisa’s Phil Collins stalker, German fetish guy, woman who fights off carjacker while wearing flip flops, old woman crashes into nail salon, another hidden camera found in chiropractor office bathroom, update on the woman who guy jerked on in grocery store, video from inside cab that was dangling off bridge, The Mirage in Las Vegas is closing, Red Lobster entire location available for bid, bear gets into family’s outdoor fridge, man gets bounce house for his dogs, NBA and NHL playoffs, Caitlin Clark’s game was most watched WNBA game in decades, Hard Knocks, baseball fan catches 2 foul balls in a row, update on lawsuit over Instacart driver who killed dog, David Copperfield accused of sexual assault by 16 women, Chelsea Handler wants to be penetrated by Robert DeNiro, Wanda Sykes says she gets mistaken for Lenny Kravitz, conspiracy theory that Avril Lavigne died and was replaced by woman named Melissa, drunk driver with fake ID had him listed as 8 feet tall, soiled adult diaper used as weapon during Florida fight, uniformed cop appeared in OnlyFans porn video, man on bike gropes an older lady, German tourists in Vegas accused of terror threat, Uber driver touches himself with passenger in car, naked man pesters woman on beach, man covers himself in Christmas tattoos so he can celebrate all year long, man walked around all day with partner’s thong stuck to work pants, tourist feeds bull on Mexican beach and gets gored, Uber driver drops old blind lady off 1 mile away from destination, woman tried to poison husband’s coffee, raining inside plane cabin, magnet fishermen find explosives, iPhone is resurrecting old deleted nudes, Google’s AI scam detection service, record for largest gathering of people dressed like dinosaurs is void, dog got stuck in wall for 2 hours, Grandma McFlurry, judge orders man to apologize to cop for swearing, cop who was fired for being drunk at work now owns a brewery, businesses installing walls of fog to prevent theft, ice cream truck tracking, medicine that could regrow teeth, family heirloom recovered through social media, old man stabs friend to death in Thailand for disrespecting him, and more!

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