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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about what do you do in a hotel room that you’d never do at home?, old woman mad attacks neighbor over how he used water, American Airlines backpedal on lawyers blaming kid for being taped in bathroom, restaurant worker punched by customer, man rescued from garbage truck after falling asleep in dumpster, cat graffiti showing up all over Michigan town, skydiver dropped phone and found it unbroken, bear gets into yard and eats out of bird feeder, NBA and NHL playoffs, biggest NASCAR fight fine, Blue Jays finally reach out to woman who was hit by foul ball, other things that were off-limits at the Tom Brady Roast, Graceland foreclosure blocked by judge, Michael Richards says he’s not racist, Mad Max prequel opening weekend, Deadpool And Wolverine movie presales, trailer for documentary about Renaissance Festival King in Texas, Ashley Madison documentary on Netflix gave website a boost, new virgin dating show, one of the founding members of Train fell in the shower and died, lawsuit to break up Live Nation and Ticketmaster, 2 teens wanted for stealing slushies, couple gets shot at after yelling at driver who ran stop sign, man accused of stealing roommate’s F-150 and pants, passengers had to deplane after woman joked she wasn’t going to help in emergency row, denied license plate requests in Kentucky, when did you realize your grandparents were still horny?, woman held rabid fox down while waiting for authorities, woman’s pool was rented out without her knowledge, old man’s Facebook was hacked and hasn’t been able to get it back for years, woman found squatter in her house hiding under bed, half birthday parties, Little Caesars is perceived as the most affordable restaurant in USA, cereal flavored Icee, man jerked in front of women while they shopped, man responsible for 150 mystery explosions, increase in STD cases, heat lamp over fry cooker used to dry dirty mop at McDonald’s, dots that can help you read phone in the car without getting motion sickness, new AI Alexa, sea lion pup jumped into boat, drunk monkey jealous of female owner’s new husband, and more!

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