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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the frigid temperatures in Jason’s studio, lions mate 20-40 times per day during mating season, 67% of Americans drink coffee, Ohio made it illegal to use Santa in booze ads, things that have a 0% chance of happening in the next 50 years, another Boeing employee gives an interview, cargo plane lands on nose after landing gear failed, man broke down in bad area and gets robbed and shot, ATM shot up, update on guy who put fluids in restaurant food, weird things the guy from the most boring video ever made typed in Word, Shohei Ohtani’s former interpreter had day in court, JD Martinez breaks catcher’s arm swinging at pitch, NBA and NHL playoffs, another man arrested at Drake’s property, summer box office expected to be smallest in decades, reviews for new Planet Of The Apes, Sydney Sweeney boxing movie, The Office spinoff details, manager beat subordinate for spoiling manga series, Swifties flying to Europe to see her show, woman ‘Rooftop Ninja’ lived inside Grocery Store sign over last year, woman facing charges for being drunk and nude in public, man hasn’t pooped in 3 months, man threatens doctor who gave him near constant diarrhea, nurse had to shave his groin area and whole room sees his stage 1, tornado rips through hotel while guests film, thieves carve through walls to steal from jewelry store, thieves steal $250K from strip club, cruise worker stabs people with scissors, woman scammed out of $900 as model for portrait, Cold Stone Creamery facing class action lawsuit, stuffed wieners from Oscar Mayer, guy’s close call with gator while fishing, man falls to death after locking himself out of hotel room, drunk man went to wrong home and beats elderly homeowner up, woman turns weed over to cops and they ask her to investigate, sandwich shop reopens after old person crashes into it, AI interactions with avatar of dead loved ones, students help staff member when he has heart attack, sheriff asked for nudes from inmate in exchange for favorable treatment, and more!

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