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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the most and least acceptable behaviors at restaurants, 71-year-old man rescued from burning SUV, car rental mistake leads to man being arrested at gunpoint, hidden AirTag helps guy find his stolen car, deputy loses job after co-workers share her nude video, NBA and NHL playoffs, anonymous NBA player poll, NFL Draft, Tom Brady comedy roast coming to Netflix, woman asked to leave Arj Barker comedy show for breastfeeding baby, Tiffany Haddish set up anonymous X account to respond to trolls, J. Lo’s career is tanking, Celine Dion’s battle with stiff person syndrome, Tom Cruise can breakdance, Blair Witch Project people want more money from movie company, more people suing Madonna for showing up late to concert, man pulled gun on Burger King worker who refused meth as payment for food, man fires gun at McDonald’s worker who charged him the wrong amount, girlfriend pulled out a chainsaw after fight with boyfriend, nude cruise, woman with collection of 1K porcelain dolls says hobby was born out of heartbreak, women having salmon sperm injected into their vaginas, dispute over bag of weed ends in car crash, man bought $21K out of state car online turned out to be a lemon, man was BBQ’ing with shopping cart and sword, Tesla Cyber Trucks being recalled, retails store closing down, Boomers taking to dating apps, livelier and more open homes have more yard decorations, shredded cheese has anti-clumping agents on them, man arrested for being in possession of illegal horse meat, woman’s encounter with coyote while walking her dog, woman says her gas pump continued to charge her even after she stopped pumping, man barricades himself in car dealership, people are bringing snakes that bit them into ER in Australia, bill to ban CLEAR from airports in California, bear stole 50lb bag of sugar, Milan wants to ban pizza and ice cream after midnight, and more!

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