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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about an update on the conjoined twins, man touches himself looking at college girls through the window, guy drives his Jeep on the beach, man who drove his car off the boardwalk into a waterway, data breach at AT&T, bird flu diagnosis in Texas, firefighters airlift a horse to safety, March Madness, Chiefs WR Rashee Rice now cooperating with police, college football QB rescued from kayak at sea, Instacart driver shoots family’s dog claiming self-defense, Andrew Garfield’s girlfriend is a professional witch, AI ladies making money online, Jared Leto briefly hosted Wheel Of Fortune for April Fools’ Day, Rock You Like A Hurricane was originally titled with a swear word, woman caught shoplifting at Walmart, woman pleasures herself at a race track, couple discovers that they are related, if you could replace your non-dominant hand with a gadget what would it be?, man discovers 30 year buildup of smegma in foreskin, app that identifies STDs with penis pic, penis enlargement surgeries in Turkey, jealous Russian woman chopped off man’s penis with knife after he admitted to cheating, produce wholesaler tried to hire hit man to eliminate business rival, construction company built house on wrong property, cruise line leaves people behind on African island, DoorDash customer seen climbing out window to get delivery, dog owners who sometimes let their dog sit on their lap while driving, woman tried to board international flight with 75lbs of weed, woman tried to smuggle insects through airport, boat rage, woman trying to take action against OnlyFans for exploiting Americans, first dates over video, leap seconds, time travel equation, police with slingshots to combat monkeys, and more!

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