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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about Cheese Ball Man, things that were boring as a kid that excite you as an adult, patient fired a gun at nurse inside a hospital, passenger attacks bus driver, woman walks into gas station and stabs random guy, Karen pulled a teen’s skirt down because she thought it was too short, emergency slide that fell off plane floated by home to lawyer suing Boeing, gator terrorizing neighborhood, emotional support gator Wally missing, Travis Kelce signs new contract, Tyson-Paul fight, memo from MLB addressing uniforms, Britney is doing way worse than ever before under conservatorship, guy used carpool lane with dummy that looked like Snoop Dogg, Conan talks about his appearance on Hot Ones, Dave’s correction on Baby Reindeer, Milf Manor, longest touring streaks in rock history, priest accused of blowing $40K of church money on Candy Crush and slots, nude man on drugs jerks on family’s front porch, guy throws spaghetti at someone during road rage incident, guys posing as women robbed guy when he showed up to meet, lonely man posts billboard looking for love, new condoms can roll on pre-erection, martial arts expert fights off bears, man killed wife and used life insurance money to buy sex doll, woman gave birth at sea food restaurant, crying baby festival, 100-year-old and 97-year-old been together over 70 years, potato with messages printed on them, KFC perfume, teen drove to gas station with a tree lodged in his truck, speeding truck takes out sign racing through parking lot, escaped zebras on the loose, flying car, too much traffic noise can kill you, reduce risk of death by not taking the elevator, Mexican food stall known for selling rat meat, and more!

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