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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about quiet appointments, update on the Rooftop Ninja, crew of the vessel that hit Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore are still stuck on the ship, Fairlane Mall will get shut down if it doesn’t pay bills, rats crawling into apartments through toilet, NBA and NHL playoffs, baseball player being investigated for sports betting, woman got hit by foul ball and another woman picked it up, Flavor Flav is hyping the USA women’s water polo team, Demi Moore is doing full frontal, Scarlett Johansson had ChatGPT bot that sounded like her taken down, Mayor of NYC wants to revoke Diddy’s key to the city, George Lucas’ birthday party, Ryan Reynolds talks about R-rating for Deadpool And Wolverine, Pat Sajak’s run on Wheel Of Fortune will end in June, customer shoots at McDonald’s employee over biscuits and hashbrowns, man robbed 2 places within 30 minutes and was busted by Funyuns, old woman arrested for stealing funeral flower arrangements, man had 3 more nipples added to his body, medics had to remove 150 maggots from woman’s mouth, relationships are serious when you’re comfortable discussing bathroom behavior, drunk man throwing beer bottles from Margaritaville resort, woman had to go to cheese rehab, drunk man stole school bus and drove it from Tampa to Miami and back, man refused to get out of car during traffic stop, brawl breaks out in skate rink parking lot, Red Lobster financial troubles, Airhead Underwater Vending Machine, the most confusing emojis, Girl Scout Cookie pudding, building that keeps getting crashed into, man stole cop car and didn’t realize officer was still inside, man found cocaine buried in backyard, teen rescued from water by good Samaritans, baby eels seized at airport, oldest man in space, woman swinging baseball bat at hotel guests, and more!

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