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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about Dr. Pepper with pickle order goes viral, tech that has vanished, restaurant worker attacked by customer, man dies in car accident and bear drags body away, 9-year-old kid saves parents during a tornado, old woman gets fired and sues for age and disability discrimination, movement away from smart tech, man called 911 because no one wished him a happy birthday, Dave still being bombarded by breast feeding post, NBA and NHL playoffs, NASCAR photo finish, Snoop Dogg getting his own NCAA football Bowl Game, coach used basketball money for personal use, Ben Affleck at the Tom Brady Roast, rapper fights 2 guys at once on moving escalator, Walking Dead sequel series being shot in Massachusetts, Nic Cage to play Joseph in horror movie about Jesus, Hugh Jackman’s new project is a darker version of Robin Hood, Vince Neil fell on stage, Mike McCready fell off stage, greatest power ballads in rock history, nude woman breaks into neighbor’s house, man moves into The Villages and ordered into anger management, breastfeeding scam, woman breastfeeds husband, woman harasses man for years after 1 date, woman shocked after discovering she’s got a ball in her stomach, man freaks out and robs fast food restaurant when they asked him to pull ahead, woman ordered DoorDash and driver came back and jerked outside her house, dangers of snorkeling right after you fly, money keeps turning up in Ohio restrooms, guys steal forklift, would you rather be alone in the woods with a man or a bear?, driving with your pets, sand dune collapses on top of a man, man fails driving test 7 times, girl’s arm gets stuck in elevator door, missing zebra found, Firefox closed woman’s 7K tabs, IV drips to cure hangovers, Y-shaped cut for grilled cheese, kid gave a guy a dollar because he thought he was homeless, woman caught stealing from stores at self-checkout tried to return all items for cash, and more!

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