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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about nude karaoke, a sensual riding class, not going out because of parking, mother and daughter shot in road rage incident, drinking ice cold water nearly kills a man, Tulsa woman plans multiple weddings for herself and refuses to pay, Macy’s in financial trouble, woman argues to Supreme Court that honking car horn is protected by 1st amendment, Chihuahua puppy found walking highway, NFL Free Agency, Tom Brady still haunted by the helmet catch, breaking up because they’re too horny, Ice Football, TV star pays off mortgage with OnlyFans, Drew Barrymore’s past comes back to haunt her, DJ Khaled gets carried to protect his shoes, Bradley Cooper misses a man he’s never met, who’s she talkin’ about?, Mugshot Of The Day, friend shoots friend on accident, BB gun wars, women guards at prisons, places you can’t take kids, serial Tinder swiper, woman stabs man’s penis with scissors in the Philippines, two groups of women brawl at restaurant, woman tries to poison boyfriend’s tea, never trust a clown, Texas is suing PornHub, Florida man arrested trying to fly a plane, woman slams kid’s head into display case, everyone is sick, free college tuition, Leap Day Eve, man accidentally shot by friend calls the show, robber loses money in heist, and more!

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