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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about phone alarms not working, someone slipped on period blood at nudist dinner, older woman answered door in towel to DoorDash, man threatens man and son with rifle over grass clippings, woman threw machete, update on scammers targeting senior citizens, explosion on Everglades bus, gator bit man’s face while swimming in a Florida lake, things to look forward to in May, toddler thought monsters were in the wall turned out to be 50,000 bees, MLB game delayed by swarm of bees until beekeeper saves the day, Bills draft pick has never played football, LeBron focusing on the Olympics and family, Dave & Buster’s is going to let customers gamble on arcade games, Barbara Streisand asked Melissa McCarthy is she used Ozempic on social media, The Rock’s chronic lateness caused fight between him and Ryan Reynolds, Sly Stallone paid $3M for one day of work, Chris Hemsworth named son after Brad Pitt’s character in Legends Of The Fall, Jon Bon Jovi revealed how much he cheated, Peacock increasing their pricing, Scooby Doo live action series coming to Netflix, Lenny Kravitz talks about working out in leather pants, man’s X-rated stomach tattoo, man steals Rolls Royce and bag of jewels, man throws fried chicken at his sister during argument, man accused of putting bodily fluids in food at steakhouse, guy shot at pizza delivery driver, man’s license expires in 1999, woman had 77 grams of meth in her vagina, bag of snakes hidden in man’s pants, community college faculty member fired for doing OnlyFans, woman asked to borrow guy’s phone and cash apped to herself, woman keeps cardboard cutout of her husband who is serving 30 years in prison, tourism to Afghanistan, people want good Wi-Fi on vacation, woman falls through her apartment floor, old person drove van right into a gift shop, new cars sold will require automatic braking system, federal restrictions on weed being eased, Skittles rainbow promotion, Sour Patch Kids Oreos was a flop, tourist kicks bison at Yellowstone, and more!

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