Deftones attend the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena. The Deftones are currently working on new material.

Deftones songs: Are they Nu Metal? Alternative? Or are these songs just flat out sexy regardless of genre?

Coachella just kicked off the music festival season, and one of the many artists that was there (besides Taylor Swift making out with Travis Kelce) was the Deftones. The Sacramento-based alt metal band have been quiet as of late. The last time we heard from them was back in 202o when they dropped “Ohms.”

It’s true that album was not as successful as their past music. But, was anybody’s music successful? 2020 left a hole in the music world (I’ll talk about that another time).  

What’s In Store For The Deftones

Every Toners favorite Deftones songs are about to re-emerge, and not just the old stuff done live at Coachella. According to, the band is almost done with the recording process of a new album. All that is left is Chino recording his vocals. Full transparency: Chino is my favorite singer of all time. Those are some sexy pipes that man possesses. Guys, I’m talking about his vocal cords.

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Deftones songs have quite a history in the metal and alternative scene. They are a catalog of wonderfully hard, heavy and sexy music. Yes, sexy. Very much so. They have so much sexuality in their music. So much so, in fact, that the band once told me they have had a lot of babies made to their music.

And I believe them. 

The world got the first taste of Deftones songs when the band popped on the scene in 1995 after Madonna signed them to her “Maverick” label. They came out swinging with the album Adrenaline and the iconic “7 Words”. Over the years, the band crafted their sound to be heavy, making mosh pit goers happy. But they also curated a sound that most people don’t associate with “Nu-Metal” or whatever you want to call them. This band is full of sexy sensual, “lets make some babies” sounds.  Here are some of their best.

Top 5 Sexiest Deftones Songs

  • #5 - "You've seen the Butcher"

    Deftones released their sixth studio album, Diamond Eyes, in 2010, according to It was full of hard hitting tracks that fans of the band were accustomed to. However, they also filled the album with a bunch of “let’s make a baby” songs. The video is fire as well. I mean nothing is hotter than doing the nas…I mean playing music… in a library.

  • #4 - "Digital Bath"

    When the Deftones released White Pony in 2000, they went to a whole new level. The track, “Change in the House of Flies” is by far their biggest hit. It is a staple on Rock and Alternative stations around the world. But it’s the song “Digital Bath” that stuck out as something different for the band.

    It was radio friendly, sexy and stealthily demented. Yes, Chino wrote it about a sick fantasy he had about luring a girl into a bath, but let’s not get too deep into that (Chino, you’re not right in the head, Bro). Instead, let’s talk about the fact that the acoustic version found on Deftones B Sides And Rarities was originally recorded at the X1075 Back Patio in 2000. Fun Fact: I was the one who asked them to play it.

  • #3 - "Pink Cellphone"

    “Pink Cellphone” is a departure from the band’s overall sound. You can find it on the band’s 5th studio album Saturday Night Wrist. It’s experimental and really says nothing. Well, except Annie Hardy (the chick doing all the talking). She says a lot. Definitely listen to the whole song for all things said. This track is as fun to listen to, as it is sexy.

  • #2 - "Sextape"

    “Sextape” is another track from 2010’s Diamond Eyes. The name of the track says it all. And while this song could have easily been a Team Sleep (Chino’s other band) track, it is most definitely a Deftones song. Oh, and the video isn’t a slouch in the sexy department.

  • #1 "This Place is Death"

    Yes, another track from Diamond Eyes. I told you this is their sexiest album. “This Place is Death” is a pretty straight forward song about, according to Chino, “exploding out into the night and just going for it”. The lyrics are even more straightforward. “You open up the covers, you lure me in. Tackle me anxious, back into bed.” I mean if that doesn’t say “let’s make a baby,” I’m not sure what does.

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