Las Vegas NYE

New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas is a bucket list item for many people. But it might not be the most photo-worthy city for the holiday.

You know on Shawshank Redemption…when the old guy is said to be institutionalized? Because he’d been in one place so long that the outside world wasn’t even on his radar. That’s where I’m living right now. After more than 20 years in Las Vegas, after countless New Year’s Eve crowds. I’ve become Vegas-institutionalized. So much so, that when I saw we aren’t the top city when it comes to post-worthy NYE photos. Let’s just say it was hard to grasp.

But that seems to be the world we’re in. The guys over at conducted a study of cities that garnered the most NYE-related hashtags on social media. Including the city names with the phrases nightlife, newyears and newyearseve attached. And they put together a list of the U.S. cities that have the most posted photos for New Year’s Eve.

Now, that’s not to say that Las Vegas isn’t beautiful on New Year’s Eve. I mean, with how much the city goes all out with the fireworks on the Las Vegas Strip. We can only assume that these other cities are pretty, but also boring. So while Sin City crowds are partying it up for the holiday, maybe others have more down time to get on social media. Or maybe NYE in Vegas is so crazy we end up unable to remember our own names for a day. Let alone remembering to use a hashtag when we post on social. Yeah, we’ll go with that.

Las Vegas barely made the top 5 on this list. And not only that, but there are two cities that more than doubled her presence on social media. Specifically for those NYE hashtags. But we’re not bitter. We don’t need to be in the spotlight for EVERYTHING. It’s just that we’re so used to it. 😉

Here are the top 5 cities in the U.S. named Most Instagrammable City for New Year’s Eve Festivities. -Wendy Rush

  • 5. Las Vegas

    View of Las Vegas strip at night with firework display on New Year Day.

    Firework over Las Vegas Strip.

    Ah, Vegas. She is so lovely. Tenfold with those fireworks lighting up the Las Vegas Strip. Coming in at number five on the list, with 40, 537,543 NYE-related hashtags on Instagram.

  • 4. Atlanta

    Atlanta Downtown night Skyline and fireworks

    Atlanta Downtown night

    This one might surprise some people. Though Atlanta is a great city in many ways, you don’t often hear about it when it comes to New Year’s Eve. At least not over on the West Coast. But 43,328,642 Instagram posts indicate Atlanta is one of the most post-worthy places for NYE.

  • 3. Chicago

    Chicago night skyline across Lake Michigan with fireworks.

    Chicago Fireworks

    We can definitely see why Chicago made the number three spot on this list. Fireworks, reflected in water, over that beautiful skyline. Gorgeous. The Windy City racked up 55,907,215 NYE-related Instagram hashtags in this study.

  • 2. Los Angeles

    Fireworks explode across the Downtown Los Angeles skyline.

    Los Angeles Fireworks

    It might be hard to remember sometimes when you’re stuck in that L.A. traffic. But the city is really quite beautiful. Especially on New Year’s Eve. And many people on social media agree. Los Angeles came in at number four with 83,266,470 NYE-related hashtag mentions.

  • 1. Miami

    Miami skyline with fireworks on NYE.

    Miami New Year’s Eve

    Welcome to Miami! The number one place named most instagrammable for New Year’s Eve. With a mind-blowing 90,505,113 NYE-related hashtags. More than double what Vegas did. Hats off to you, Miami. 

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