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A Rolling Stones Keurig Machine Now Exists

The Rolling Stones have partnered with Keurig for a line of products. Included in the line is a coffee maker, special coffee K-Cups and an iced coffee tumbler. The limited edition line is aptly called "Start Me Up." As for the items themselves, they feature the Stones' iconic logo, but the tongue is various shades of brown to mimic coffee. The "Start Me Up" K-Cups are a special medium roast coffee blend that was made to be brewed over ice. In a statement, The Rolling Stones said, "We're thrilled to be branching into the iced coffee space with Keurig. We've collaborated to bring this limited-edition product to life and give fans a new way to fuel their day." While the machine quickly sold out, fans can sign up for Keurig's emails to find out when more will be in stock. Fortunately, the K-Cups and the iced coffee tumbler are still in stock, as of publishing. The K-Cups come in a 10-count box that retails for $10.99, while the 16oz tumbler retails for $12.99.   [select-gallery gallery_id="352565" syndication_name="rolling-stones-best-songs-ranked" description="yes"]

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