Did you know that you can now get X107.5 Xtreme Radio on your Amazon devices?

It just takes a few EASY steps to install us on your device!


You will need to enable X107.5 before you can start listening. Follow the directions below:

  • Get X107.5 on your device by saying, “Alexa enable X one-oh-seven-point-five Las Vegas. Be sure to say the frequency numbers (1-0-7-5) correctly.

  • After this, the skill should be installed on to your device

  • Now, you can tell Alexa to open “X107.5 Las Vegas” or “X107.5 Xtreme Radio”

You can also visit Amazon.com to manually enable this skill

Click below to visit Amazon.com and to install X107.5 on your devicePoint Downamazon alexa