Cinco De Mayo is a day to celebrate Mexican Culture. Its also a day to feast on tacos, the perfect food.

If you’re looking for the best tacos in Las Vegas, you never have to go far. Because, like other other types of cuisines, we have plenty to choose from when it comes to Mexican food. Most of us eat tacos more than once a week, so if you’re not going to one of the best places in town, you’re missing out.

Cinco de mayo is around the corner, and we are celebrating… Mexican independence from the U.S.? No. Are we celebrating Mexico’s win over he French in 1862? According to, yes. But why? I mean, Mexico doesn’t really celebrate it, so why do we?

The answer is simple. We have fiestas all over the United States on May 5th of every year so we can celebrate Mexican culture. Things like Mariachi music, tequila and the world’s perfect food, tacos!  

History Of Tacos, The World’s Perfect Food

According to, the taco dates back to 3000 BC, when people believed we were made of corn. Weird I know, but it just shows we as a race have always been prone to believing fake news. Anyways, while it’s not truly known how the taco itself came to be, it’s commonly believed that it was the food of the Mexican Silver miners. also says that before the Spanish came to Mexico, people were eating reptile and armadillo tacos. So, I guess they weren’t so perfect back in the day.

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When someone says they don’t like tacos, I immediately look at them sideways. How can you not like the most amazing food ever created? It’s not like they’re are bad for you, full of calories or reptiles (not anymore anyways). Tacos are the perfect food. A gift from the heavens. Tacos are magical.

And lucky for us, we live in a city full of magic. So, if you’re looking for the best tacos in Las Vegas, you won’t go wrong with these places.

Where To Find The Best Tacos In Las Vegas

  • First stop: Casa Del Sabor

    These guys aren’t messing around when it comes to their menu. Yes, they have the basics, burritos, tortas, and quesadillas. But they have some other fun Mexican favorite too. Like Huaraches, Mulitas and Alambres. But it’s the tacos at Casa Del Sabor that are just epic! They have something for everyone, including vegetarians.  But I’m a carnivore so I’m all about the carne asada tacos. Some consider Casa Del Sabor the best in the city. I wouldn’t argue with them. 

    Casa Del Sabor is located at 6840 West Sahara in Vegas, on the Strip at 530 Las Vegas Blvd, and at 4935 S Palo Verde in Vegas.

  • Next stop: Juan's Flaming Fajitas

    So, they may be known for their fajitas, it is the name of course. But you know what I love? Breakfast tacos. Breakfast is the most important meal they say, and I’ll hit up Juan’s for breakfast tacos anytime of the day. Breakfast for dinner? You bet! So, if you’re like me and don’t discriminate against the time of the day for tacos filled with eggs and bacon, Juan’s Flaming Fajita is the spot for you. Oh, and they go great with mimosas. Just sayin. Juan’s Flaming Fajitas is located at 9640 W Tropicana in Vegas, at 16 S Water Street in Henderson, and at 2660 W Centennial Parkway in North Las Vegas.

  • Up Next:  Tacos El Compita

    Tacos El Compita has a few locations around town. I live close to the one at 7622 Westcliff Avenue. So that’s where you’ll find me scarfing down on some serious Birria tacos. Don’t let the pictures of their food on their website dissuade you (they need a new photographer). These Birria tacos are off the charts and are one of my faves. And if you dig Quesabirria, this is the spot. 

    Tacos El Compita - Authentic Mexican Street Food in Las Vegas

    Visit Tacos El Compita for delicious Mexican street food including burritos, tacos de birria, and more. Enjoy a variety of options like Carne Asada Tacos, Birria, and QuesaBirria Tacos. Customers love the flavorful food and reasonable prices. Stop by our

  • Final spot but the BEST Spot: Tacos El Gordo

    I’m telling you, Tacos El Gordo is the ultimate in these little Mexican treats. There’s a huge line at the location on Las Vegas Blvd for a reason. Originally from Tijuana, Tacos El Gordo opened their first location in Las Vegas in 2010, and never looked back. No one, in my opinion, does it better.

    Their entire menu is a Mexican food lover’s haven. The quesadillas are killer and the asada fries are to die for. But the Adobada tacos with that tasty green salsa on top? It’s the end, all be all. Trust me.

    The best part? You don’t have to endure the lines on the strip, because they have four locations. I like to hit the one at 2560 W Sunset Road. It’s close to Town Square. And it may not have the allure of the original location on the Las Vegas on the strip, but it also doesn’t have the lines filled with tourists either. And the tacos are just as magical.  

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