Prostitution In Las Vegas Has Spiked, Spring Valley Up 234%

You can say Las Vegas is hooked. The latest data is in via LVMPD data provided to Channel 13 and others shows that prostitution in Las Vegas has risen nearly 50 percent year to year, with some areas of the valley seeing considerable spikes. The number show a pretty staggering increase in one place in particular: Spring Valley. The area just west of Interstate 15 in the West/Southwest portion of the valley saw a dramatic uptick in reported prostitution year to year, with 157 incidents so far this year versus 47 at this point last year. That is an increase of 234 percent! Other communities look bad as a percentage, while the actual numbers are far less drastic. For example, Summerlin Area Command saw a 200 percent increase, albeit from 2 to 6 reported incidents. For a full list of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department area commands and their prostitution numbers, see the table below in alphabetical order: Area CommandYTD 2023YTD 2024% CHANGEBolden12+100%Convention Center465566+21.7%Downtown4279+88.1%Enterprise28+300%Northeast13+200%Northwest10-100%South Central413+225%Southeast03+300%Spring Valley47157+234%Summerlin26+200%LAS VEGAS METRO TOTAL:566838+48.1% Whether the increases are due to higher policing for the crime or higher actual crimes, who is to say. There were stings during Super Bowl week that may have driven some of the numbers upward. Regardless, it is concerning. Prostitution In Las Vegas Is Illegal, No Matter What Everyone Else Thinks If you ask anyone visiting Las Vegas, they'd be convinced the "world's oldest profession" is legal. It is not. Prostitution in Las Vegas is illegal despite Nevada being the only state to allow it. The law in Nevada states that prostitution is only legal in counties with less than 700,000 residents. But it needs to take place in licensed brothels. Room calls and sidewalks need not apply. Clark County obviously far exceeds 700,000 residents and would be omitted. If you are looking for your fix, you'll have to hit Blue Diamond Road and head west into Nye County to visit the Chicken Ranch. While some look to prostitution in Las Vegas and ask "what's the big deal," the answer is human trafficking. Some purposefully choose this as their profession, while others were coerced (or worse) into it. The problem only seems to be growing in the valley. Here's hoping Metro can get a handle on it and the circumstances that began the scourge in the first place are addressed.

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