Even though it was born Naples Italy, Pizza is about as American as Apple Pie. Its hard to pick the five best in Las Vegas, but we tried anyway.

Pizza. The greatest invention ever (next to tacos of course). And the pizza in Las Vegas is so good that naming the top five places might be tough. But I’m going to give it a shot anyways.

History of The Pizza Pie

Italy is such an important country. There are so many cool things about this little boot hanging off Europe.

According, Italy has the smallest country in the world: Vatican City. And even though Rome is over 2000 years old, it’s also the youngest country in Europe. Plus, did you know Italy has a free wine fountain? Yep, it’s in Caldari di Ortona, and the wine flows 24/7, for free.

And of course, without Italy, we probably wouldn’t have Pizza. The greatest invention ever (okay, tacos, we’ll call it a tie).

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Pinsa Pinsa Pinsa

In 1860, in the Campania region of Naples, Pizza (almost as we know it), was born. The word “pizza” is thought to have come from the Latin word “pinsa”, according to Sure, it was around before that. According to, flatbread with toppings on it was being consumed by ancient Egyptians, The Romans and The Greeks. But Naples is the birthplace of the pizza pie. It was cheap (the poor always create the best food it seems), could be eaten anywhere and it was easy to share with others.

And even though all those things were true, pizza wasn’t super popular anywhere outside of Naples, until it took off in America.

Pizza is about as American as Apple Pie

Lombardi’s, in New York, brought the Italian delicacy to the states in 1905, and is making pizza to this day, with the original oven. But, according to, it wasn’t until after World War 2 that pizza really took off, especially after Hollywood started to get the original ‘influencers’, Joe Dimaggio, Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Durante, to endorse pizza.

Where To Find The Best Pizza In Las Vegas

Chefs come here to work at one of the Strip hotels, fall in love with the city and open their own places off strip. And that’s why locals have so many killer choices around town. And pizzerias are no exception.

Here are my favorite places to grab a slice of pizza in Las Vegas.

  • #5 - Those Guys Pies

    Speaking of chefs from the Strip making their way into the real part of Las Vegas, Chef Roy Bass and Chris Builder did exactly that. And boy am I glad they did. Those Guys Pies have brought their Philly-style pies to The Lakes in Summerlin, North las Vegas and Henderson. They offer all kinds of killer options but, for me, the best pizza is the Maui Wowie. Bacon, jalapeno and pineapple (yes, I eat pineapple on pizza and I don’t give a f—…hoot what you think).

  • #4 - Metro Pizza

    Metro Pizza is one of the original pizzerias in Las Vegas. They opened their doors in 1980 and never looked back. They have all kinds of accolades, including being named Las Vegas’ Greatest Pizzeria of All-Time in 2020. I’m a fan of the Modesto. It’s loaded with sausages, tomatoes, garlic and basil. Side note: The meatball sliders are worth the calories.

    They have 4 locations, so no matter what side of town you are in, Metro is close by. 

  • #3 - Amore Taste Of Chicago

    There’s so many good choices here. Mainly because you can customize your deep dish, stuffed or thin crust pizza. You can even customize your own personal size deep dish or stuffed pizza. That’s cool.  You can’t go wrong with whatever you choose at Amore’s, but I will tell you they have a taco pizza that’s heavenly. And one of my favorite things about Amore? They are right by the radio station.  

  • #2 - Naked City Pizza

    Although, being a Chiefs fan, I’m probably banned from this place (this is a diehard Buffalo Bills joint), but I don’t care. Besides, its not my fault the Bills keep trading with the Chiefs and losing out on players like Patrick Mahomes.

    It’s also not my fault that Naked City‘s pizza is incredible. They have a pizza called the Stinger and if you like Blue Cheese and Franks red hot sauce, this pizza is for you. I’m personally a huge fan of Buffalo 22. This bad boy has White Garlic Sauce, Pepperoni, Sausage. It also features a Roasted Garlic Crust with Crispy Garlic, and Hot Honey. Anything with hot Honey has my vote, every time.  Go Chiefs!

  • #1 - Pizza Rock

    One of the best-tasting pizzas I have ever had in my life was at Pizza Rock. I was surprised it was so good. I mean, Pizza Rock seemed like a ‘corporate’ kind of joint, but I tell you what, their pizza is good. Corporate or not. They have all the styles too. Detroit, New York and  California (that’s a style? I just thought it was something to get out of). Having said that, I’m all about Chicago Style with the cracker crust. My favorite being the Old Chicago. It has Sliced Meatballs, Italian Sausage, and little dollop of Ricotta. Plus it comes in square pieces, so it’s super easy to share.  

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