The NFL Has Announced The 2024 Schedule And It’s Going To Cost Fans

Ravens at Chiefs. A rematch of the AFC Championship, and the beginning of the Chiefs journey to a three-peat. Jets at 49ers. The Return of Aaron Rodgers. Cowboys at Browns. Brady behind the mic for the first time. Yay! NFL season is (almost) back! The NFL Has Announced The 2024 Schedule And It's Going To Cost According to, The NFL has announced a deal with Netflix. Yes, the movie streaming platform is going to stream BOTH games that play on Christmas day. Merry F---ing Christmas. Looks Like I’m going to have to dish out more money to watch football.  Flag! Penalty On The Money Grab!  Last season, The NFL announced that the Dolphins vs Chiefs playoff game would be streamed exclusively on the Peacock app. According to, Congress gave the NFL an anti-trust exemption, and that meant the green light for putting the game on an app vs a regular broadcast channel.  Well, that didn't go over well with fans and it became worse when NBC began touting it was the most watched stream ever. I for one, felt like they were rubbing it in our faces.  But apparently it is good for the NFL. But how is it going for us, the fans? Not great.  Related: Las Vegas Quickly Becoming Sports Capital Of The World Flag! Unnecessary Greediness! Look, I ditched math class in high school, but that doesn’t mean I can't count how costly football is going to be. Especially if I want to be able to watch all the games. And I am one of those people who wants to see as many games as I can. So, let's get to the nuts-and-bolts, AKA dollar signs of this situation.  First and foremost, I’ll need YouTube TV to get the football ticket. That's going to cost $349, and that's if I sign up now. Paramount Plus, which shows CBS games, is $5.99 a month if I get the cheap version. Peacock, NBC App is also $5.99. Do I want to watch The NFC games on Fox Sports? Of course I do. So, Hulu here I come at $7.99 a month. Now for Thursday Night Football on Amazon prime, $14.99 monthly. Of course I’m going to need ESPN Plus at $10.99 a month. And now I need Netflix at $17.99. But let's say I just get Netflix for the month of December only. I still need the other apps for 5 months to cover the entire season.   I did the math (yes, with a calculator) and it comes up to $594.74. Almost $600. So what do I do? Celebrate Christmas without football, or without presents?   Sorry family, My team is on a mission for three-peat and I’m not missing a thing. Merry F---ing Christmas

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