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Nevada’s Water Sports Lovers Are Excited About New Renovations

One of Southern Nevada's best-kept secrets is about to get a lot more awesome. News just dropped of renovation plans for a popular spot on Lake Mohave. I am a huge fan of paddleboarding and I can't wait every year for the warm weather to come around. And usually you'll find me on the water on the Arizona side of the Colorado River at Willow Beach. But after these renovations are done, I might have to change my spot. Lake Mead Mohave Adventures and the National Park Service just signed a 25-year lease for Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina. And Nevada residents can look forward to $10 million in upgrades coming. Cottonwood Cove is more south than Willow Beach. But, unlike Willow Beach, it's accessible from both Nevada and Arizona. And the Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina is in Nevada. Searchlight area, to be exact. So it's a go-to spot for many Southern Nevadans who like the watersports. Cottonwood Cove is also a great place for campers because they have two campgrounds there. And since the marina is literally sandwiched between the two campgrounds, it's a hotspot for campers who bring out their boats during their trip. And if guests don't have one, they do rentals. Renovations at Cottonwood Cove will include upgrades to campgrounds, resigned café and retail store, and environmentally-friendly upgrades. For trailer campers, Lake Mead Mohave Adventures' project will expand the RV park and plant shade trees. Covered slips, more dry boat storage, and a courtesy dock are among upgrades for boat-owners. Campground upgrades include the addition of eco-tent sites, environmentally-friendly lighting, and a new food and beverage delivery service. There are also upgrades coming beyond the campsites. First, the motel at Cottonwood Cove is going to be completely remodeled. Rental cabanas are going to be installed at the Ski Cove private beach area. The project will also completely redesign the retail store and add new food options. And something extra cool is the remodel plan for the café. It's being expanded and turned into a full bar and pub-style cuisine restaurant. The only one on the water in the area. There are also other changes being made to the Cottonwood Cove area, including those to make it more ADA compliant. Additionally, there will be improvements in the landscaping, trash and bathroom amenities, and more. Lake Mead Mohave Adventures is a subsidiary of Guest Services, Inc. They are working with the National Park Service to complete the renovations. When these changes are done, Cottonwood Cove is going to look like a brand new place. And it will be nothing short of an oasis getaway for Southern Nevada and Arizona residents. Race you there!

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