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Buying used panties

Q: Charles called The Cooper and Anthony Show . He told us he’s 40 years old and has a desire to play with used panties. He said it’s been a fantasy he’s never tried but now that he’s in between relationships, he thought he’d give it a go. He found a woman online willing to sell her used undies. They met for lunch for the exchange and really hit it off. Now he kind of likes her! He wants to know, can he ask her out beyond buying her panties? If so, how should he approach it?


A: Our Dr. Cooper told him that people meet each other in all kinds of crazy ways and start dating. You were looking for underwear to buy, so you think you and your kink are in a rarefied place that somehow makes you undateble? But remember, she was the person willing to sell you said underwear!

That means, she is already cool with you and your fetish.  You asked and she consented. 


This was the premise of Orange Is The New Black, if you remember. Piper started a used underwear selling business. Also in the show Younger, when Liza needs to make some extra cash, Lauren convinces her to sell her used panties on Craigslist for extra money.  Then there was the stepmom of famous actor Golden Globe-winner Gael Garcia Bernal who sells her used panties on her OnlyFans account. But I digress. My point is, it’s more common than you’d think.


Anyway, I think you can just say to her what you said to us.  That you originally just wanted this to be a business transaction but “I think you’re awesome and I would love to take you to dinner”, and be clear that it’s dinner only, you’re not trying to get into her panties (since you already have them). But if that isn’t too weird for her, would she want to hang out? You can ask. And if you guys clicked as you thought you did, you may get a date out of it, possibly more. 

People meet their partners in all kinds of ways. Maybe this is how you meet yours? It will certainly make for a great story for the grandkids!

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